KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- With the well-being of our communities at the top of our priority list, Avila University shares the NAIA's commitment to streamlining the eligibility determination process for both prospective and returning student-athletes. With the uncertainties and challenges surrounding COVID-19, the NAIA realizes that students may have more questions and concerns surrounding the eligibility process during the summer of 2020.

To help ease the confusion, the NAIA has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions surrounding all aspects of the eligibility process. The page will be maintained and should help ensure that you are informed about any eligibility center updates as a result of COVID-19 and how those updates may impact eligibility decisions.

The NAIA Eligibility Center began issuing eligibility decisions for Fall 2020 student-athletes on May 1.

If you have questions regarding any of these FAQs or questions about eligibility with the NAIA, contact the Eligibility Center via their web form or via phone at 816-595-8300.

Screenshot of NAIA Eligibility Center FAQs for illustrative purposes only. Full text available at links within this document.